Jennifer Anne Champion is a writer and performance poet of mixed heritage. She has been described by Juice Magazine as gifted with “swift, animated style”. Jennifer has performed her work in Edinburgh, Berlin and Israel and is a regular voice in the Singapore spoken word scene. In 2015, she released her first solo work of poetry—A History of Clocks (Red Wheelbarrow Books). Her second collection with Math Paper Press under the Ten Year Series imprint is titled Caterwaul (2016).

She claims she wrote her first poem, aged 25, about a poet whom she was dating. It wasn’t very good because she had lied at the time about ever having written poetry. People have since entrusted her however with writing, producing and teaching poetry and the literary arts, and she is grateful for every day she gets to be an artist. Although not a product of the Creative Arts Programme, she has taught classes for gifted children and would like to expand further in making poetry accessible to the public. Jennifer also teaches and performs slam and performance poetry in public schools with institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Word Forward and the National Arts Council, and maintains the multimedia archive of as an archivist and editor. In 2017, she commenced on work expanding the archive to poetry in Malay.

Jennifer has a BA Honours in English Literature and a minor in Communications and New Media from the National University of Singapore.

She is currently working on her first novella, Majulah.

Author Photo © Jared Ho. Author Biography © Jennifer Anne Champion. All rights reserved.