Allegory 2

Red means different things
                           in different places.
It’s good luck to wear read for the Chinese.
It’s an ideological badge for the Russians.
At a funeral,
             a tourist from Drakensberg
                                      came in a red suit.
There was an audible gasp.
It’s the colour of grief and mourning
                                       from where he came.
He told us he called Drakensberg home.
Drakensberg means Dragon Mountains.
The tourist lived in a red house.
He set up a red birdhouse
                           near the road.
He set it up for the rockjumper
                                       who came by often.
The siskin too,
after it decided to leave its flock.
After it lost its nest of newly laid eggs.

by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
from Thirty-Seven Reasons Red is Rad (2016)


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