Sofia Nin (b. 1990)



Radin Sofia Azrindawani, better known as Sofia Nin, was born on 9th September 1990. Although she did not receive any formal training in literature, Sofia started writing poetry on her personal blog around the beginning of 2008, subsequently gathered and published. Sofia has been represented with publisher Terfaktab Media since 2011. Her writing style is greatly influenced by Indonesian literature due to her Javanese-Sundanese background.

Puisi Berantakan (2014), her first book of poems, was launched at the ASEAN Literary Festival in Jakarta. Several poems were also featured in the anthology Potret Puisi Melayu Singapura (2014) by Isa Kamari. Her poem. Tanda Tanya (2016), made it to the top nine shortlist of Nusantara Arts' concert B3: Belia, Bahasa, Budaya in conjunction with the Malay Language Month 2016; it was turned into a song for the concert. 

Besides poetry, Sofia also writes short stories. They can be found in the anthology Kitab Terfaktab: Nakal Tapi Halal (2012), Kitab Terfaktab: Sarkastik Cinta (2013), Korban Cinta Remaja (2013), and Kitab Terfaktab: Konotasi Rasa (2014).

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