Ee Tiang Hong (b. Malacca, Malaysia, d. Perth, Australia) was one of the most outstanding of Malaya’s first generation of writers in English. He studied at the Malacca High School, the University of Malaya (then in Singapore), and the University of Reading in the UK. He dedicated himself to education by teaching at the Malacca High School, later becoming its principal. He was also the vice-principal of the Malayan Teachers’ College, as well as a senior education officer at the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. In 1969, he began lecturing at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. In 1975, he migrated to Perth with his family, and became a lecturer in Education at the Western Australian College of Advanced Education in Nedlands, Western Australia.

Ee has written several critical articles and many poems which have been published in literary magazines and journals including Tenggara (Kuala Lumpur), Focus (Singapore), The Times Literary Supplement (London), and Westerly (Perth), as well as in various anthologies, such as Malaysian Poetry in English (University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1966), Commonwealth Poetry Today (Evans Bros., London, 1970), Seven Poets (Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1972), and Writing Singapore (NUS Press, Singapore, 2009). He has five volumes of poetry, namely I of the Many Faces (Wah Seong Press,, 1960), Lines Written in Hawaii (East-West Culture Learning Institute, Honolulu, 1973), Myths for a Wilderness(Heinemann Educational Books, Singapore, 1977), Tranquerah (Department of English Language and Literature, NUS, Singapore, 1985), and Nearing a Horizon (UniPress, Singapore, 1994).

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