cicada-flung dawn

to rise and find
the grass-strung dark
cicada-reined cicada-charged
chilled air labouring to exude
dew falling scant

a shrillness spilling from the trees
membranous contraction and release
rapt abdominal clicking
cacophonous through dawn
stasis-defying timpanic
execution of a song

some memory of a child’s toy
rousingly strident
tin-clacking finger to thumb

far flinging soul dismantling plicks
continual flow of acupuncturing pin pricks

where with chastened brow a morning turns
poring over ruins of pneumatic concerns

to resounding tymbals
shall i
in voiceless reciprocation
contemplate the self
with apt perturbation

lay existence to ground

and distichous or in forms terete
writhe limbless in the passing breeze

by Ho Poh Fun
from Katong and Other Poems (1996)