From the age of eight, Jollin Tan wrote her own stories in little notebooks, influenced by the likes of Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. It was only natural that writing became a very personal space for her, where feelings could be articulated and understood. Jollin’s poetry is preoccupied with addressing issues closest to her heart, mostly involving appearance and body image. She believes words are mirrors, a way of documentation, and writing is something she hopes to do no matter where she goes in her life. Her two collections are Bursting Seams and Derivative Faith, both published in 2013 by Math Paper Press.

Jollin put up a poetry exhibition, Veins, in collaboration with fellow writer Tan Li Xin.Veins examined how the body and its structures can be metaphors for personhood. At the Singapore Writers Festival 2014, Jollin performed in Apart, alongside poets Tania de Rozario, Pooja Nansi, Cyril Wong and Joshua Ip, and dramaturged by playwright Joel Tan. Apart blurred the distinction between spoken word poetry and drama, touching on themes of relationships, societal expectations, body image, and sexuality.

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