Madeleine Lee is an award-winning investment manager and poet. She has published numerous collections of poetry including a single headlamp (2003), fiftythree/zerothree (2004), y grec (2005, with Eleanor Wong), synaesthesia (2008), pantone125 (2013), one point six one eight (2013), and flinging the triplets (2015), which is the product of her time as the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Writer-in-Residence 2014-2015.

She has performed internationally at major literary festivals including the Indonesia International Poetry Festival 2008, the Ubud Writers Festival 2009, the Melbourne Writers Festival 2010, and the Hanoi Poetry Festival 2013. She has also been a consistent writer featured in the Singapore Writers Festival since 2003; y grec and one point six one eight were adapted for the stage by Cake Theatrical Productions in 2007 and 2013. In 2015, she was selected to represent Singapore writers in the Writing the City series of short films and interviews.

Lee’s work has also been adapted into other forms. The poem “blue” was interpreted into visual art/paint, while the poem “negative light” was interpreted in dance by the Montreal Dance Troupe in 2004. Other poems like “coffee,” “caesura,” and “ultraviolet” were also adapted into film by Arts Central (2005), the Paris Poetry Festival (2012) and by Writing the City (British Council, 2015) respectively. In 2005 she co-produced the play 2nd Link with W!LDRICE and in 2011 produced Moving Worlds, an anthology featuring Singapore poetry on the MRT.

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