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Hosting fees can be expensive and we just have about enough money to keep this site going with the backing of Sing Lit Station. Make a donation to support Singapore poetry staying live on the internet: details on how to do so can be found on Sing Lit Station's Support page.


Poetry is a growing art in Singapore. Every year, new books are printed, new authors published, and new poems written. Reviewers and critics must keep pace. At poetry.sg, our task is to live at the cutting edge of the scene. That’s why we need people who can craft great critical introductions or essays. If you wish to join us as a writer, please drop us a message via our Contact form below, preferably with a sample of your best book review or literary essay attached.

We are also particularly interested to hear from people with know-how, connections and expertise in Chinese-, Malay-, or Tamil-language literature, as our aim is to expand our linguistic scope to include poetry and poets writing in all four national languages. Please contact us with your proposals to collaborate.


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