Wife, mother, teacher, writer, Angeline Yap has three children, a very affectionate dog, and an imperious cat. With the obvious exceptions of the dog and cat, the whole family is chronically addicted to print. 

Angeline has contributed her poems to various publications since the 1970s, and was a featured poet at Singapore's first poetry festival, Wordfeast 2004. She has been working with young people in small groups, writing workshops and mentorship schemes for almost twenty years, encouraging young writers through the Creative Arts Programme, the NAC's Mentor Access Project, as well as through school visits. She regularly serves as a judge for arts competitions—drama, creative writing, poetry performances etc. She was also honoured in 2009 by the Creative Arts Programme for her outstanding contributions to the programme.

Her poems have been read or performed in Singapore, Australia, Edinburgh, Finland and elsewhere, over radio and television, in libraries, book stores, theatres, parks, cafes and even a converted Australian jail! Some have been translated into Mandarin, Malay and Tamil, or set to music for choir performances.

Author Picture and Biography © Angeline Yap. All rights reserved. Biography from closing my eyes to listen (2011)